weekend work

It was a busy, busy weekend. In addition to our regular orders, we are in the midst of creating for the fabulous Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Spring Sale. We've been slow roasting new salt batches in enticing, unique flavors and piecing together gorgeous colors & fabrics into beautiful bags. One of my favorite details is our hand printed logo in each bag. It takes extra time, but I really enjoy this meditation & connection to each piece. Have a wonderful Monday and hope to see our local friends at the Crafty Wonderland sale on Saturday, May 10th from 11am-6pm!



Balancing work and family can be a challenge. Amidst the chaos, there are moments when I feel truly grateful to provide my four kids with a creative environment. Every year my son Aidan makes valentines for his classmates. This year he incorporated some Frankie & Coco techniques into his creations.We hand paint designs onto ceramics and I have been carving my own stamps to add detail to some of our sewn products. Aidan grabbed the X-Acto knife and we went to town on an eraser, creating triangles on one end and chevrons on the other. He used a glass to trace circles, stamped his designs, stamped HAPPY (which I love) across the top and cut them out. The finishing touch was a Twix, of course. 20140213-124031.jpg





snow days

Portland was graced with snow this past weekend!  Our kids were so happy to have a 4 day weekend and frolic outside.  My older boys enjoyed sledding down the neighborhood hills on plywood (in lieu of real gear). The little girls were mystified by the garden blanketed in white. Sarah & I were working together on Friday and she ended up trapped here for a few days...impromptu work retreat!  We used this opportunity to work on the new website (soon!), brainstorm some new products and watch the Olympics (of course).  The new Slopestyle snowboarding event was awesome!

Today it was back to the status quo...school, work and rainy PDX.  Here's some highlights from the weekend.




maya, micah, frankie & coco

backyard view from the studio